Speculation grows that a triple-camera iPhone is coming in 2019 with 3D sensing features

Huawei has been ranked among the world’s top three smartphone vendors for a good few years now, but the recently released P20 Pro might just be the clearest sign yet this Chinese OEM is to be taken seriously by the industry’s longtime gold and silver medalists.

While the triple camera flagship was undoubtedly inspired by a certain Apple product in a certain design department, rumors are ramping up that next year’s iPhones will in turn “borrow” an essential feature from the Huawei P20 Pro.

We’re obviously talking about that crazy impressive tri-lens imaging arrangement on the P20 Pro’s back, which the Mate 20 is likely to also adopt in the fall. Then, at least one 2019 iPhone model could follow suit with 3x optical zoom integration of its own, as well as a number of unique capabilities and technologies.

In line with speculation from over six months ago, the three rear-facing shooters are tipped to enable even more advanced AR experiences than the iPhone X’s single front-facing TrueDepth camera.

One analyst predicts two of the three lenses will make additional 3D sensing functionality possible, capturing images of a single object from different angles, with a triangulation method then used to determine the distance between this most complex 2019 iPhone version and said photographed object.

Currently, a so-called time-of-flight technique is implemented by a 3D laser alongside the iPhone X’s selfie cam for similar purposes, but if supply chain sources are correct, all that AR magic and much more will be produced by a combination of three shooters, no lasers needed. Alas, this is still a work in progress, and we’ll only find out in 16 months or so what it’s all about.

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