Specs for the HTC HD3? We Wish!

Let’s file this under “most likely fake, but somewhat feasible.” Over at Chinese site QQ.com, they’ve got what they purport to be a spec sheet for the successor to the HTC HD2, the HD3. According to the site, it’s slated for a November 2010 release (ok, this makes sense so far) and will pack a 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU (again, this is possible). Let’s dissect the other specs:

– Running on Windows Mobile 7 (totally believable)

– Features 1GB of RAM and ROM with 16GB of additional on-board storage (not out of the realm of possibility for a WM7 device)

Screen is 4.5″ (unless they spread the screen to the very edges and remove the hardware buttons, a screen this large would mean a larger device, and the HD2, with a 4.3″ screen, is already quite large)

Screen is 1280×800 pixels with 16 million colors and multitouch (again, if it’s running WM7, this wouldn’t be too far-fetched)

Battery is 1800mAh (very large, but with such a fast CPU, it’ll need lots of power)

Camera is 8.0MP with LED flash (current HD2 takes pictures at 5.0MP, so this is believable)

Ports: HDMI, USB 2.0, and 3.5mm (adding an HDMI port for video output would add too much thickness to the device, but perhaps this could be achieved with an adapter)

Includes WiMax and 4G (LTE?) radios (hmm…WiMax and LTE are competing next-generation wireless technologies. Why would HTC put BOTH in a phone?)

What do you think? Are we looking at the specs for the HTC HD3, or are you skeptical?

(via: XDA)

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