It’s the day after the night where dressing as a hot mess is acceptable on a Monday, also known as Halloween. In some parts of the world, people may have dressed as cold messes.

But you know what’s been a literal hot mess? The Galaxy Note 7 and its exploding battery. You know, the recalled, non-existent phone in November 2016. And while the legal sagas reigning over injuries caused by fires may stretch through next year, it seems that Samsung is able to put the issue away and move onto other business.

What better time to poke at the company.

A Southwest Airlines employee was spotted at Salt Lake City International Airport yesterday wearing her Halloween spirit in the form of a burning Galaxy Note 7. She was captured by @heathwblack on Twitter.

Let us remind you that one of the more prominent Note 7 burn-outs came aboard one of Southwest’s planes in Louisville, Kentucky, before its flight out to Baltimore. That unit’s owner had exchanged a Note 7 under the initial recall. Worse yet, the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s investigation into this incident eventually informed its decision to expand the recall to replacement Note 7 units and resulted in the Federal Aviation Administration’s ban of the phone on all aircraft in US airspace and on the ground past airport security.

And here we see this girl. Shots. Fired. From a hot glue gun. On fire.

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