The deadline to file for a refund for a recalled phone in South Korea was on Monday. The government said that the deadline came too early.

The Korean Agency for Technology and Standards has yet to approve Samsung’s recall plan moving forward as it tries to whittle down risks of a battery exploding in someone’s hands. It wants to chaebol to spend more time publicizing consumers’ options.

“We need more measures to actively inform consumers. It appears that consumers are not active in seeking an exchange or a refund,” said the agency’s Nam Taek-joo.

The only choice left for consumers at this stage is to exchange their old Note 7 for a new one. Those eligible for exchanges were notified on Monday that they were able to get them at carrier retail stores, but there weren’t enough to satisfy demand.

Samsung has not responded to requests for comment.

Refund offers were scarce in the US and Canada where exchange programs have been approved by the countries’ respective governments.

Source: Associated Press

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