If months and months of snapping pics, recording video, and downloading documents has your phone’s flash storage rapidly approaching capacity, you might have thought about turning to a cloud-based solution, letting you offload some of that data while still being able to access it at a moment’s notice. If you’re the owner of a Sony Ericsson Android, you might be looking at the chance to get yourself some free cloud storage for life, thanks to an arrangement between SE and Box.

A page on Sony Ericsson’s site advertises a promotion that promises Xperia owners the opportunity to get 50GB of free storage through Box. All they have to do is sign-in to Box using its Android app from an Xperia phone, and they’ll get the free 50GB.

While that sounds great, the details of the promotion are still up in the air. SE posted a blog message regarding the offer, explaining that while it does intend to do something with Box, the details of just what that will entail haven’t yet been agreed upon.

One concern we have is that the final offer might not be good everywhere; the copy of the offer we’ve seen is hosted on Sony Ericsson’s UK site, so we might being looking at European exclusivity. All should be revealed once SE and Box finish nailing-down the specifics.

Update: We haven’t heard anything new about the SE deal, but it looks like Box will be extending this 50GB offer to LG users, as well.

Source: Sony Ericsson 1, 2

Via: Engadget

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