Sony spreads Android Nougat love to Xperia Z5 and Z5 Premium now

It’s a no contest, despite Motorola and HTC’s best efforts. The new heavyweight champion of the Android world when it comes to major software updates is Sony, and it’s going to take something awfully special for another device manufacturer to even dare to challenge the title anytime soon.

The Japan-based OEM that’s had such a difficult time penetrating the US market, as well as staying relevant on the old continent, got the Nougat ball rolling back in November with an official OTA goodie pack for the Xperia X Performance.

The Xperia XZ quickly followed on the 7.0 bandwagon, and then the love was spread to the X and X Compact last month. But Sony didn’t stop there, working tirelessly behind the scenes to optimize similar UI makeovers for the slightly older Xperia Z5 and Z5 Premium.

The two are reportedly getting their own finished N care packages over-the-air now, with the Xperia Z5 Compact, Z3+, and Z4 Tablet most likely next in line. Possibly, sooner than you imagine.

As always, you’re looking at gradual, phased rollouts, so don’t fret if you need to wait a few extra days or even weeks before joining the party. There’s a lot heading your way, of course, including multi-window support, improved battery life, a “smarter and more personal Xperia home screen, with Google Now integration”, various security enhancements, and even a new self-timer button to help you snap selfies easier. All hail the software support king!

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