It’s been four months now since Sony gave us its latest smartphone flagships, introducing the Xperia Z5 series back at IFA 2015. And after getting to know the Xperia Z5, Xperia Z5 Compact, and Xperia Z5 Premium with that first-of-its-kind 4K display, we’ve seen sales of these handsets come to markets around the globe – just not here in the US. Sure, you’ve been able to import international versions of the phones, and our northern neighbors in Canada have had some luck getting their hands on these phones, but so far Sony’s passed the States by. Now that’s finally ready to change, as Sony gets ready to let loose both the Xperia Z5 and Z5 Compact (no word on Premium) on US retailers.

Beginning February 7, shoppers headed to the likes of Best Buy, B&H, and those going online with Amazon will be able to pick up their choice of the Xperia Z5 or Z5 Compact. Pricing should come in at just about $600 for the former, or $500 for Sony’s well-equipped petite option.

While this is great news for Sony fans who only wish that shoppers had access to the manufacturer’s handsets in more markets, the timing also threatens to see the company’s flagships drowned out by buzz surrounding the forthcoming launches of new hardware by Samsung, HTC, and LG, all gearing up to introduce their own hero phones over the span of the next few months.

And while the Z5 series packs some serious silicon, these phones are still working with 2015 chips; will the allure of a new crop of bleeding-edge processors make Sony’s offerings look a little stale in comparison? We’re about to find out if Sony’s delay in getting sales started will prove to be a smart move, or one that puts the Z5 at a serious competitive disadvantage.

Source: Phone Dog

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