It looks like Sony may have taken notice of the general public outrage caused by pricing the company’s newest trio of flagship handhelds at or above Apple iPhone 6s levels in Europe. The Xperia Z5 Premium, Z5 and Z5 Compact, listed as coming soon to the UK via the Sony Mobile e-shop, are already cheaper than just a few days back.

Specifically, the smaller, least gifted member of the family now commands a tag of £429 SIM-free, which is a whopping £120 off the original ask. Converted in currency our non-British readers might be more familiar with, that’s $655, down from $840.

Meanwhile, the 5.2-inch Full HD Xperia Z5, initially valued at £599 ($915), will apparently ultimately go for £549 ($840). That’s not exactly as drastic a cut as the one intended to increase the Z5 Compact’s appeal, and likewise, the Z5 Premium shall set you back £629 ($960) after briefly costing £699 ($1,070).

Hopefully, those of you residing in Great Britain who were hasty to pre-order one of these beautiful, highly advanced slabs at introductory prices will be offered compensation of sorts, or at least easy refund.

Oddly enough, in other countries on the old continent where the Z5 Premium, Z5 and Z5 Compact can be pre-ordered, original tariffs are yet to budge. In Germany, for instance, the top-tier Androids cost €799, €699, and €549 respectively, whereas early adopters in France or Italy are charged between €599 and €799.

Wondering exactly how might these tags translate stateside? Unfortunately, US availability remains a delicate matter, as local carriers seem skeptical about the triad’s potential, and the device manufacturer itself has other priorities.

Sources: Sony GB, Sony Germany, Sony France, Sony Italy, Sony US

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