A number of US mobile employees recently got the pink slip from Sony, as the company continues to bleed money on an unfocused, unsuccessful Xperia strategy, and in quite the ironic twist, one of the proposed solutions to its financial conundrums seems to be… pink phones.

Not rose gold, mind you, but rather a “stunning” pink, “perfectly complementing” the name tag of the Xperia Z5 Premium, with a glossy finish, as well as a “deep, rich tone” that give the controversial 4K 5.5-incher “an expression of light.”

That’s a lot of marketing jargon and propaganda to justify the fuss around an overpriced six-month-old incapable of gaining mainstream traction on the Western hemisphere, now with a snazzy new coat of paint. The same inaugurated on the non-Premium Z5 back in January, and fairly similar to the one used for the HTC One A9 to further embrace its unapologetic Apple trend-following nature.

Granted, at a first glance, it feels like the pink Xperia Z5 Premium is a little less girly than the equivalent A9. But with the Xperia X Performance nearby, and the Z family confirmed dead, who’s going to buy this chic slab of Snapdragon 810 mediocrity (by today’s high-end standards)? Some folks in Asia, we’re guessing, where the handheld is probably exclusively headed starting “early May.”

Source: Sony Mobile Blog
Via: Xperia Blog

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