Sony further tackles Xperia Z5 Premium’s 4K display uses and limitations

Apparently, one short official statement on the matter of 4K content displaying, upscaling and downscaling for energy efficiency purposes on the groundbreaking Xperia Z5 Premium wasn’t enough for Sony to put all speculation to rest.

Or perhaps the Japanese device manufacturer feels recent controversies are reducing their new flagship’s wow factor. As such, a marketing boost might be needed, and answering a few 4K-related questions could build some fresh hype.

Unless prospective buyers will interpret the company’s latest blog post as a desperate attempt to excuse a few seriously questionable tech adoption decisions. However you choose to look at them, the clarifications bring the Full HD vs 4K discussion back on the table with at least a month still left until the premium 5.5-inch Android begins its world tour.

First and foremost, Sony wants to stress the Z5 Premium’s super-sharp 3,840 x 2,160 pixels screen will operate at full potential when you view your own captured 4K videos and photos, as well as content automatically optimized in Netflix and YouTube.

Everything else, including non-optimized streaming services, apps other than the proprietary Movie and Album, web browsing, and the Home screen will show 1,080p images and clips. That’s necessary to keep power consumption in check, with the massive 3,430 mAh battery, quick charging capabilities, and Stamina and Ultra Stamina Modes also playing their part in providing the autonomy you require on the move.

Sony claims it had no choice but limit your viewing pleasure in third-party apps, because many “are not designed or capable of running at 4K resolution (yet).” Nonetheless, the OEM feels the record-breaking pixel count is beneficial for future-proofing the handheld “for the imaginations, developers and apps of the future”, as well as supplying “vivid memories” for the user to remember longer.

Oddly, no answer is offered for the question on so many people’s minds regarding why isn’t the customer allowed to choose when he wants 4K or Full HD support.

Source: Sony

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