Marshmallow update for Sony Xperia Z5 at a standstill in Canada due to Play Store bug

It’s been a solid three weeks since the first “global” reports of Android 6.0 promotions on the Xperia Z5 family came in, and given there was no news of widespread issues during this time, we figured the software goodies had reached the majority of the three phones’ owners worldwide.

Unfortunately, some big red flags are now raised on Sony’s support forum and other discussion portals, with user complaints on stability prompting the Japanese OEM to halt the update in at least one major Western market.

Namely, Canada, where the company tweeted over the weekend that it had “removed the Android 6.0 update at this time & will advise once it’s been re-issued.” Sounds like a very serious problem, and according to online testimonies, it manifests itself by restricting access to Google Play.

Worse yet, it pushes nagging error messages over and over again, also plaguing other operations and functions. You know the one – “Unfortunately Google Play Store has stopped.”

What can one that already installed Marshmallow on the Xperia Z5 or Z5 Premium do? Not much, we’re afraid, as clearing caches, deleting app data, uninstalling, disabling, force closing or signing out of the Play Store doesn’t seem to help.

Only one thing left to do then, and you won’t like it. A factory reset, but first, don’t forget to back up all your important information. What’s odd is we haven’t heard of the Z5 Compact affected by the same glitch, and even on the Z5 and Z5 Premium, Sony is yet to suspend the upgrade outside of Canada. As for when exactly it’ll be fixed, guess we’ll need to wait and see.

Sources: Sony Mobile Support Forum, Twitter (Sony Xperia Canada)
Via: PhoneArena, Xperia Blog

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