The official US Sony Mobile e-shop may not list any of the three new Xperia Z5 variants as available for sale or coming soon, but that doesn’t mean all hope is lost for Americans interested in at least the 5.2-inch Full HD model.

The grey market never sleeps, and the “international” retail sources of Expansys USA already hooked up the import specialist with Xperia Z5 Dual (E6683) inventory in graphite black, gold, and green. The unlocked phones should work sans a glitch on GSM carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile, including with their 4G LTE bands, despite being designed for foreign use.

Priced around the equivalent of $800 in VAT-burdened European territories, the non-Premium, non-Compact Z5 costs $670 stateside. That’s definitely a little more palatable, although it’s hardly what we’d call affordable, and it’s pretty much on-par with the recently discounted tag of a no-contract Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ from sellers such as Amazon.

Speaking of, Amazon also has the Xperia Z5 in stock, starting at $669, but if you choose that early purchasing path, you’ll actually be dealing with untrusted third-party merchants Quality Deals Shopping Center or Top10Cell.

Expansys isn’t technically authorized to sell the offshore-obtained Android merchandise in the US either, but its reliability in this business is clearly higher. Unfortunately, not even the resourceful e-tailer can ship the 4K-capable Z5 Premium stateside yet, with pre-orders accepted, but no price or release date announced.

Source: Expansys USA
Via: Phone Arena

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