Sony may get a little flack for not being ready with a new Z-series flagship smartphone at MWC this year, but it’s not like the manufacturer’s just been sitting around twiddling its thumbs, either. Instead, it’s come to the conference with some very much flagship-caliber hardware – just not in a pocket-sized variety. Earlier today we saw the company announce the new Xperia Z4 Tablet, and now we have the chance to go hands-on with the model for ourselves.

There are thin device, and there are thin devices, with the Z4 Tablet’s 6.1mm depth making it very much one of the latter. Despite that narrow frame the tablet boasts some envy-worthy hardware, like a Snapdragon 810 SoC, 3GB of RAM, and extremely high-res 2560 x 1600 display. Add in 32GB flash storage (with microSD expansion), an 8.1MP main camera (with 5.1MP front-facer), and full waterproofing, and we’ve got a tablet that on first glance appears to make very few sacrifices.

Does it hold up to a closer look? Check out our video below to see what we thought of the Xperia Z4 Tablet for ourselves.

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