Next-gen Sony Xperia Z3X could be a beast – if we can believe these rumors

Sony has one of the most aggressive timetables around for delivering new flagship smartphone models, releasing Xperia Z-series devices like Samsung does smartwatches. We’re only just weeks past the launch of the Xperia Z3, and now we’re already fielding rumors of an even more powerful device, the so-called Z3X.

Here’s what we’ve got: some benchmark data from a few weeks back describes the hardware being based around a Snapdragon 810, packing a whopping 4GB of RAM, and featuring a big 6.2-inch 2560 x 1600 display. By that description, this sounds almost like the new Z Ultra.

We also see reports of a stellar camera, incorporating a new curved 22MP 2/3-inch sensor with f/1.2 aperture.

All that’s believable enough, if not particularly strongly supported by evidence. But then we get to the renders. That’s one you see up top, and to our eyes, it just looks… wrong. The lens almost seems like a blown-up picture of a smaller smartphone camera, and the shape of the handset is bizarre. For instance, the Xperia Z2 and Z3 have body ratios (length:width) of nearly 2:1 – and keep in mind, we’re talking overall phone dimensions, not just the display. Even the Z Ultra was close to those guys, at 1.9:1.

This “render,” on the other hand, is more like 2.2:1. That would spell some absurdly large top and bottom bezels for the Z3X, and we’re just not convinced that’s a realistic shape for a smartphone. We’ve also seen some hard dimensions offered (69.5mm × 150.1mm), which come to a ratio of 2.16:1, also feeling quite stretched-out. Then again, the specs featuring those measurements mention a purported screen resolution of 2560 x 1152, which itself is non-standard and hard to believe.

Ultimately, there may be truth in some of this, but there seems to be a lot of bad info clogging things up.

Source: AnTuTu, Digi-wo
Via: phoneArena

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