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Sony Xperia Z3 vs Sony Xperia Z2: head-to-head in specs

By Rithvik Rao September 4, 2014, 2:23 am

When the Sony Xperia Z3 went official yesterday, many didn’t quite realize how similar it was to the Z2 – Sony’s last flagship phone, which was announced just a few months back. As it turns out, these phones are more than just a little similar, but are almost identical on paper. Some things have even become worse across the generation leap, which is disappointing, but let’s take a look at the full picture in our Sony Xperia Z3 vs Sony Xperia Z2 specs comparison chart below.

There are only two categories in our specs list where the two phones differentiate from each other: processor speed, and battery size. Both devices run one of Qualcomm’s newest chips, the Snapdragon 801, but the Xperia Z3’s unit has a slightly higher clock speed; instead of the 2.3 GHz found on the Xperia Z2, the Z3 pushes that to 2.5 GHz.


The battery is the one thing that has actually changed for the worse. On the previous generation, there was a 3,200 mAh battery, and the newest phone houses just a 3,100 mAh unit. Hopefully, with Sony’s new battery improvements through the software, that drop won’t be noticeable when we get the phone into our review labs.

Of course, the full comparison chart is right down below, and you can check out the rest of our extensive Xperia Z3 coverage right over here. Also, be sure to check out the rest of our IFA 2014 articles and videos to fill yourself in on the newest, hottest phones to arrive on the market.

xperia z3 vs xperia z2


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