Sony Xperia Z3+ vs Samsung Galaxy S6 (video)

Being made out completely of aluminum and glass, in addition to being their respective manufacturers’ flagships for this year, represent the perfect reasons for us to compare these two devices. But there’s a lot more to comparing these smartphones than what we just mentioned above, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do in our Sony Xperia Z3+ vs Samsung Galaxy S6 (and Edge) comparison.

As usual, we’re focusing on hardware, software and user experience, as well as the camera, drawing some conclusions at the end, or, better said, setting the stage and making it easier for you to draw your own conclusion, based on the facts, as well as a bit of personal preference.

So, lay back, relax, and enjoy our Sony Xperia Z3+ vs Samsung Galaxy S6 comparison video below. Drop us a comment and let us know which one you’d go for, and, especially, why.

Disclaimer: while we are using the Galaxy S6 Edge in this particular video, all aspects are applicable to the Galaxy S6, aside from the curved screen, and slightly different dimensions.

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