What the heck is going on with Sony and its plans for what we’ve been calling the Xperia Z1s? If you haven’t been keeping up with the story, it’s a real puzzle: Sony introduced a mini version of the Xperia Z1 as the Xperia Z1f in Japan. Then we saw a leaked model claiming to be the Xperia Z1s, an international version of the Z1f. Except, in the weeks that followed, all these leaks didn’t end up forming a cohesive story, and we’re left with bits and pieces of hardware that don’t seem to match others, as well as the possibility that the so-called Z1s isn’t another Z1f variant, but an updated version of the Z1 itself. As we continue to look for answers, it seems that the Z1s has shown up in China, as it visits the regulatory TENAA.

This imagery most closely matches that early leaked render of the Z1s, instead of subsequent in-the-wild shots that revealed hardware closer in appearance to the Z1f – here, you’ll notice, the front facer is back to left-of-center.

Unfortunately, we’re little closer to learning just how this phone might arrive, short of seeing it get the model number L39t (versus L39h for the Z1). Could its international spread begin and end in China? Will that more Z1f-looking form be the one that ultimately comes to models in the West, instead? For now, the questions remain.

Source: TENAA
Via: phoneArena

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