That surprising Sony Xperia XZ Premium is apparently the first commercial Snapdragon 835 phone

So used to always expecting the world from Sony Mobile at events like MWC only to be routinely disappointed by repetitive flagship phones and overpriced low to mid-enders, we had no high Xperia hopes this time around.

But even though the moderately successful XZ is barely five months old, a “Premium”, significantly upgraded 5.5-inch edition has surprisingly entered the top-shelf Android scene with a sweet-sounding camera arrangement, a 4K HDR screen you may actually get to use for a change, and Snapdragon 835 processing power.

Qualcomm’s latest monster SoC can be both a blessing and a curse right now, since it’s not exactly ready for primetime just yet. Then again, it probably shouldn’t take as long as previously suspected to find its way inside the first commercial smartphone.

Believe it or not, the industry-leading San Diego-based semiconductor giant has confirmed in an official blog post that the Sony Xperia XZ Premium will predate Samsung’s Galaxy S8 in stores… somewhere. We’re talking about bragging rights and little else, as the two can’t possibly compete in the same league when it comes to sales numbers.

But it’s important to lay to rest speculation of initial Samsung exclusivity over the SD835 processor, as well as wonder once more why the LG G6 only packs an 821 silicon. For its part, Sony still won’t say anything about XZ Premium pricing, with a commercial release scheduled for an imprecise “late spring.”

What we do know is the far humbler Xperia XZs will cost $700 (ouch!) stateside starting April 5, while the mid-range Xperia XA1 is priced at $300 for an April 26 debut.

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