If you use an iOS device to view feature-length movies on your phone, you’ve got some endurance to peer at that fairly small screen. It’s portable, it’s detailed, but we don’t often putting them far away enough to protect our eyesight. But beyond those facts, iPhones and iPads just don’t have HDR and Dolby Vision yet for Netflix.

The content streaming service recently started offering Dolby Vision enhancements for viewing on the LG G6 with version 5.0 of its Android app. And as these wide color gamut viewing options become more popular as the hardware does, more services will go on to support them.

The one we’re talking about here is Netflix, though.

Anyways, the Sony Xperia XZ Premium, replete with 4K resolution and HDR10 compliance, has joined the G6 on the roster for advanced HDR support. It isn’t necessarily with par on Dolby Vision, but it’s an exclusive feature and this ecosystem will take what it can get, right?

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