Sony Xperia XZ Premium gets long overdue discount to around $585 in two colors

Two months can be a crazy long time for a smartphone to go without a significant discount, especially when said phone launched at an arguably excessive price, lacking at least a couple of very important selling points so many competitors have no problem offering.

Sony’s mission to continue charging an exorbitant $700 for the bezelicious Xperia XZ Premium, while in no way impacted by the recent launch and swift markdown of the objectively inferior XZ1, couldn’t possibly go on after the fall 2017 avalanche of “all-screen” flagships.

Still, it remains to be seen if the Snapdragon 835-powered 5.5-incher can stay in the spotlight for more than 15 minutes at $585 or so. The snazzy “Bronze Pink” flavor costs $584.99 on after a fresh $115 deduction, with the “Luminous Chrome” model setting you back $585.99, likely for a limited time only.

Amazon appears to be all alone in a brave quest for the XZ Premium’s sweet spot, as Best Buy and even the consistently generous B&H Photo Video e-stores continue to ask a whopping $699.99 of 4K HDR and Super slow motion enthusiasts, regardless of their chromatic preferences.

Bizarrely enough, the “Deepsea Black” variant is listed at Amazon for $700 as well, so you’ll probably have to settle for one of the other two paint jobs if you want to save a buck or… more than a hundred of them.

Keep in mind that the discounted Sony Xperia XZ Premium comes with a standard US warranty and unlocked 4G LTE support for GSM networks nationwide, but no working fingerprint scanner.

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