Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra is discounted to $400 nationwide, one retailer also offers gifts

With the (slightly overpriced) Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 Compact finally shipping across the old continent, and US pre-orders underway today from Best Buy’s e-store, this is probably a good time to remind you Sony also sells lower-end, lower-cost phones with functional fingerprint scanners stateside. While the “regular” Xperia XA2 scored its first discount mere weeks after making its regional commercial debut, potential buyers of the jumbo-sized XA2 Ultra had to wait an extra month or so to be able to save a cool 50 bucks.

The mid-range 6-incher is available at $399.99 instead of its $449.99 list price nationwide at the time of writing, and you can even choose your favorite marked-down color whether you purchase the Android Oreo handset from Best Buy, Amazon or B&H Photo Video. As long as you’re not looking for anything swankier or funkier than black, silver, gold or blue, that is.

Better yet, Focus Camera, which already made headlines with its introductory Xperia XA2 Ultra deal, throws in your choice of a free SRSX11 Bluetooth speaker or MDR-XB510AS “Extra Bass” in-ear headphones at the smartphone’s discounted price of $400. That’s right, four Benjamins will buy you both the XA2 Ultra and a nice gift separately worth between $60 and $70, at least until April 21.

The handset’s key selling points also include dual front-facing cameras, a single 23MP rear shooter, an extra-large 16:9 screen with Full HD resolution, a bunch of state-of-the-art audio enhancements, and a generous 3580 mAh battery.

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