Unlocked Sony Xperia XA Ultra hits new all-time low price of $230 at B&H today only

The Xperia XA Ultra is by no means Sony’s best X-series phone launched this year to replace the Z family, and apparently, a few other letters as well. But right now, for the next 18 hours or so only, it’s probably the one with the finest quality – pricing ratio.

Ironically, the upper mid-range 6-inch giant is even cheaper than the non-Ultra, far humbler 5-inch Xperia XA at B&H Photo Video, setting you back $230 compared to $250. That’s because it’s finally the selfie-proficient phablet’s time to shine, shortly after similarly attractive holiday deals on the XZ, standard XA and X Compact.

$229.99 isn’t just a hefty 100 bucks off the XA Ultra’s MSRP, but also its new all-time low price, good for graphite black, lime gold and white color options, with limited one-year warranties, and 4G LTE connectivity on North American GSM networks included.

Seeing as how you get a large 1080p display, octa-core MediaTek Helio P10 processor, 3GB RAM, expandable 16GB storage, 2700 mAh battery, and especially 21.5/16MP cameras here, the Sony Xperia XA Ultra may well be the best all-around unlocked phone available stateside at under $250. Remember, you have until midnight EST to take advantage of B&H’s killer deal.

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