‘Regular’ Sony Xperia X with Nougat and Snapdragon 650 SoC costs $250 after latest discount

In addition to focusing even less on largely unlucrative regions like the US, Sony has been able to turn a (small) mobile division profit this past year by keeping the margins of its fewer phones high. Both flagship and mid-range Xperias are generally sold at above-market prices, and while their 2016 shipment numbers were on a significant YoY decline, they pulled in decent overall revenues.

But lately, the Japanese OEM and its American retail partners have been forced to lower their profit aspirations for last year’s Xperia X family due, well, to the inexorable passage of time. Just a couple of weeks back, we saw a Snapdragon 820-powered X Performance discounted to $367 on Amazon, and a few weeks prior to that, a trusted eBay seller was charging $430 for a higher-end XZ with improved cameras and a larger screen.

Earlier this year, the Xperia X Compact got a $100 price cut, and at one point, we also saw the “standard” X marked down to $270. Well, now the Snapdragon 650-packing 5-incher is even cheaper through B&H in your choice of graphite black, white or lime gold colors.

$249.99 is really a small price to pay for an unlocked GSM handheld with nationwide 4G LTE support, great 23 and 13MP shooters, 3GB RAM, 32GB expandable storage, Full HD display resolution, and Android 7.0 Nougat. It’s so attractive in fact that Amazon pulled the plug on a similar Sony Xperia X deal after less than 24 hours, and B&H seems to have trouble keeping up with demand for the silky white version.

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