Sony XPERIA X Review: It’s not a flagship phone… (video)

We’ve shared our first impressions. We’ve talked a little about some of the things we like about the this phone, and a few things we didn’t, but now it’s time to share our full review.

The X is a tricky phone to pin down. Sony’s mission here is to trim the fat, walking away from some of the more outlandish hardware specs and feature creeping our phones are experiencing. Instead we see Sony engineers trying to scale back and refine specifically those hardware elements which they believe truly affect consumer use.

We’ve scaled back to a mid-range tier processor, using the Qualcomm 650. Most flagship phones have moved to Quad HD displays, Sony even released a 4K display display in a Z phone last year, but the X stays put at 1080p. 4GB of RAM is the norm now, and many manufacturers are starting to move to 6GB and  8GB of RAM, but the X whittles back to 3GB. The camera has a monster 23MP sensor, but stills are natively saved at 8MP.

We’ll always be fans of a company streamlining, going back to basics. It worked for HTC this year, watching a company deliver a very compelling handset by focusing on what that company does well. Does this experiment succeed here? Here’s our Sony XPERIA X review video!

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