SONY’s name once stood as the gold standard for consumer electronics, but these days Xperias face intense competition from companies like Samsung, who now occupies the number one position for Android manufacturers.

Samsung didn’t have much to improve over the Galaxy S6, unifying the design language with the Note 5, replacing the Micro SD card expansion slot, and increasing the battery capacity, but we also got water resistance and an improved camera. Sony on the other hand is taking a far more drastic step away from the Xperia Z of recent years. Claiming to focus on “what matters” to consumers, some of the more “vanity specs” have been toned down on the Xperia X. What hasn’t cooled off though is the premium Sony price tag…

Both companies are focusing on “refining” for their various smartphone offerings, but which manufacturer has the better offering for your money? It’s time for a show down!

SONY Xperia X Performance vs Samsung Galaxy S7

Galaxy S7 Real Camera Review 
Xperia X Performance Real Camera Review

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