We’ve seen Sony deliver fast and furious OS updates to some of the company’s then best smartphones around a year ago, but believe it or not, the not-so-successful mobile device vendor has managed to take software support speed and reliability to the next level on Android Oreo.

After launching the Xperia XZ1 and XZ1 Compact with platform build O out the box before any other OEM, Sony revised the operating system of the XZ Premium ahead of schedule. Then, it did the same for the original, fall 2016-released XZ and this spring’s XZs.

Now an even older and lower-end Xperia handset is leaving Nougat behind, almost one year to the day after ditching its pre-installed Marshmallow goodies. We’re talking about the Sony Xperia X Performance, which appears to be receiving an over-the-air update that’s roughly as hefty as the ones still making their way to the XZ and XZs as we speak.

Make sure you have enough “gas” in the tank and you’re linked to a strong and steady Wi-Fi connection before downloading and installing the 1.2GB or so care package. Knowing Sony, this probably isn’t the “vanilla” Android 8.0 Oreo experience envisioned by Google, but still pretty close, given the dreamy update timing.

Ironically, the Xperia X Performance was available a lot cheaper back in May than right now. But you should’t want to buy it anymore anyway, especially considering that Sony plans to update a number of arguably superior devices before long. Next in line however is most likely the humbler and smaller Xperia X Compact.

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