Xperia X Compact sequel is still possible, as two Sony flagships make the rumor rounds

Sony may have an even harder time than usual stealing the spotlight at this year’s IFA trade show in Berlin, likely needing to directly go up against the exciting LG V30 with its latest flagship phone release while coming hot on the heels of the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 8 announcement.

But at least we seem to be looking at two new high-end Xperias. The first was recently spotted in early testing with Android 8.0 (already?), Full HD screen resolution and G8341/G8342 model numbers, and although it’s just wild speculation at this point, we can’t help but envision a minimal-bezel 2:1 XZ Premium sequel.

The other one is even more cryptic, cropping up in UAProf files today with the same modern software onboard, but oddly enough, references to both Full HD and regular HD display resolution.

Unfortunately, the internal G8441 model number doesn’t tell us much about the marketing identity of this mysterious handset either, suggesting higher-end features than the G8341, but perhaps following in the footsteps of a G8321 (Xperia XZs) that’s actually humbler than the G8141, aka XZ Premium.

A diminutive yet top-shelf Xperia X Compact follow-up feels like another good guess, maybe with options for both 1080p and 720p content playing a la the 4K/Full HD-juggling Z5 Premium. Wait, but didn’t Sony rule out that possibility?

We’re confused, clearly, and a Polish retailer adds to the mystery by listing the G8441 at a local price equating to roughly $735 (2,750 zloty), with the G8341 expected to cost as much as $860 (PLN 3,207). Those are placeholders, obviously, and they may or may not be accurate, also “revealing” a wide range of color choices, from black to blue, pink and silver.

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