It’s never wise to assume a certain unreleased smartphone model will eventually see daylight just because it comes from a long line of beloved devices, especially when its makers are undergoing transitions, cutting expenses, and streamlining product portfolios.

Still, even with the Xperia Z brand out the door, a renewed focus on premium designs and specifications, as well as zonal reorientations, it felt silly to doubt Sony’s ongoing commitment to high-end compact phones.

Enter the Xperia X Compact at last, the timely IFA 2016-bound sequel for September 2015’s Z5 Compact, and the little brother the X, X Performance, XA and XA Ultra were always supposed to get. The Xperia XR too, if it pans out and heads to Berlin, which feels pretty much guaranteed.

Rendered by prolific mobile leaker Evan Blass (who else?) in tip-top quality, the Sony Xperia X Compact appears to resemble the oft-rumored XR, at least viewed from the front, rather than the X or X Performance.

Granted, these all share a general design language, but the XR and X Compact seem slightly boxier and sharper around the edges, with the same thick bezels unfortunately in tow. We presume the smallest member of the family will adopt USB Type-C connectivity, like the XR, and measure 4.6 inches in screen diagonal, similar to both the Z5 Compact and Z3 Compact.

Source: Twitter

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