Sony Xperia X Compact now officially available across Europe straight from OEM

Some third-party retailers on the old continent started stocking it a little while ago, when US pre-orders also kicked off through Amazon, but it’s only now that you can call the Sony Xperia X Compact properly, officially and widely released in Europe.

From Germany to the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Sweden and Poland, the diminutive Android powerhouse is up for grabs on Sony’s e-store and shipping without delay in your choice of three paint jobs: white, universe black, or mist blue.

Recommended retail pricing differs from region to region, depending first and foremost on the currency used in the above-mentioned countries. On British shores, for instance, the 720p 4.6-incher fetches £379 (roughly $490), whereas German, French or Italian buyers paying in Euros have to cough up the equivalent of $505 (€449). In Sweden, the Xperia X Compact costs $500 (SEK 4,300), and finally, in Poland, you’re asked kindly to spend $520 (PLN 2,000) on XZ’s little brother.

In addition to sporting a smaller, lower-res screen than Sony’s newest flagship model, the upper mid-range phone doesn’t come with any freebies or a water-resistant body. Compared to the US variant, this is capable of scanning your fingerprint for fast device unlock, the rest of the features staying the exact same.

Source: Xperia Blog

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