Wall projectors are so passé these days. Didn’t you know that we’ve moved on to more flat surfaces?

Sony has. At MWC 2017, it followed up last year’s Xperia Projector by showcasing the Xperia Touch projector that can not only put out visuals on walls, but it can also let users interact with tabletop projections as well for games from the Google Play Store and on PlayStation 4 through Remote Play.

The Xperia Touch only needs a few inches to throw an 1366 x 768 image across from 23 inches in diameter up to 80 inches. On tabletop configurations, the Touch also projects an infrared field and is supported by a 13-megapixel camera — which can also be used for video chats. It also has what we believe to be a Hall sensor to know when it should show passersby its interface. There’s 3GB of RAM for multitasking and 32GB for the movies you’l probably store on it.

The Android 7.0 projector will ship to Europe starting in the spring for just shy of €1,499. Anyone looking forward to this or more for the phones?

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