There’s a big gulf between an unboxing and a full review, and we’re always looking for ways to fill it. Our friendly neighborhood FedEx man dropped the Sony Xperia Tablet Z on our porch this morning, whereupon we promptly tore, cut, and otherwise fought our way into its packaging – all to give our fellow geeky voyeurs a rough idea of what the first few moments of Tablet Z ownership are like. (We’d like to thank Negri Electronics, by the way, for the quick shipping that made this end-of-week video possible.)

It only took a few minutes to log in to our various accounts and start personalizing the Z – and it took even less time to start generating some opinions on the tablet’s hardware and software. And though these impressions are rough, immature, and very likely to change, they’re still worth something in the here and now. Especially for those of you hungry for information about the thin, light, water-resistant Android tablet we first glimpsed way back in Barcelona.

xperia unbox

So, as long as you promise to remember that these are only first impressions, hop on down to the video below and let us show you what our first day with the Xperia Tablet Z was like. Then drop your comments, questions, and requests down below, and prepare for a week of tablet-y Sony goodness ahead at Pocketnow.

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