Back at the start of June, we caught wind of the Sony Xperia SL, revealed to us by name and model number alone. We tossed around a couple ideas at just what Sony might be up to with the SL, focusing on what kind of improvements might be introduced compared to the original Xperia S; that left us with plenty guesses, but not much in the way of certainty. We still lack official word from Sony, but some additional rumors to arrive since then attempt to nail-down some of those hardware changes, and some newly-leaked imagery shows off some new colors Sony may be planning for the model.

The handsets pictured above are both supposed to be Xperia SLs, and as you can see, they’re the spitting image of the first Xperia S, but with some new color options. Considering these pink and purple choices, could the L in Xperia SL maybe be intended to mean “Lady”?

We thought the move from a Snapdragon S3 to an S4 sounded a bit suspect for the sort of possible upgrade Sony had in mind for the SL, and sure enough, that’s what these new rumors are saying, too. Instead, Sony’s supposed to just ramp up the clock speed on the dual-core S3, pushing things from 1.5GHz to 1.7GHz; while that should help a bit, we can’t imagine the performance impact will be large.

Source: Xperia Blog, it168
Via: phoneArena

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