Sony Xperia S Will Get ICS During “Latter Part of Q2”

We hate to bring you the bad news but we’re just as disappointed as you probably will be after reading this. Long story short: when we were in Barcelona Sony promised an official ICS update for the Xperia S sometime in April, then it all of a sudden we woke up in May with no update and last week Sony officially said that, well, let us quote: “Xperia S is planned to get ICS somewhere around late May/early June. That’s what’s been said and that’s still what we’re sticking to. Any other dates (such as “June/July”) is just speculation. The roll out is, as always, gradual and will not happen over night for all phones. Some phones might get the update in late May whilst other will get in i mid June etc“.

Now it turns out that someone “mixed things up” and “they are really sorry”. We are too, sorry, for those who purchased an Xperia S, flagship Sony Android for 2012, and it still isn’t running ICS. But it will, eventually, in case this too isn’t a mix-up: “Xperia S will get it during latter part of Q2“. As far as those who own 2011 Xperias are concerned, they “will get ICS during late May/early June. Which was the timing I mixed with the Xperia S timing“. No other comment is necessary! Hang on there, just one more month!

Source: Sony Xperia Support Forum
Via: XperiaBlog

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