Sony Xperia Projector & Xperia Ear hands-on (Video)

The 2016 Mobile World Congress may have technically wrapped up last Thursday, already awarding its best exhibitors in addition to the industry’s overall 2015 standouts, but our exclusive coverage of the Barcelona trade fair isn’t done yet.

Blogger, reviewer and YouTube personality Erica Griffin collaborated with our website on a hands-on video and a quick demonstration of the Sony Xperia Projector Concept and Xperia Ear. These obviously played second fiddle to the Z family-replacing Xperia X, XA and X Performance phones, though at least the former has the potential to rock the entire tech world.

Unfortunately, potential and distant promises are all the Xperia Projector is about right now, since the device is very much a work in progress, and its exciting interface showcased at MWC mere experimental, mockup software.

In a perfect world, the relatively compact box would run Android, integrate its own camera and function separately of smartphones or computers to beam interactive images on any sort of surface. Seeing as how a picture is worth a thousand words, we’ll let you check out the all-revealing video presentation of the Xperia Projector to better grasp the prototype’s objectives.

Meanwhile, the Sony Xperia Ear is way closer to completion and a summer commercial release, but it’s also far less innovative and compelling. If you’re familiar with the Moto Hint, you know exactly what to expect from this intelligent earpiece, capable of interacting with your phone to push messages, notifications and news hands-free.

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