Sony Xperia Z3 review

Earlier this week, Sony dropped a bit of a surprise on us all, announcing the Xperia Z4 for Japan – a quiet press event, no international spectacle, just a new phone that isn’t even confirmed yet for global release. It wasn’t long after the Z4 went official that we started hearing a rumor about Sony’s intentions for a proper worldwide flagship, though that could find us waiting until sometime next month. We’re still not quite sure just how that phone might arrive, but a new finding today could offer a hint or two, as a handful of new Sony model numbers surface in Indonesia.

It’s that good old Indonesian Postel database again, the nation’s version of the FCC over here. That means these model numbers are 100 percent official – but what can they actually tell us?

We’re looking at models E5803, E5663, E6683, and E6833, all added today, and there’s another recent addition from a little earlier this month, model E5563. While none have been positively identified, we’ve seen speculation that E6683 could possibly be that international Z4, and that E6833 could be one of those new phablets Sony’s rumored to be working on.

That’s not a lot to go on, but armed with these model numbers we can start seeing if they pop up elsewhere – and if they appear in databases like the FCC’s, there’s a chance that they’ll be accompanied by documentation that starts cluing us in to hardware configuration. It might not be anything overly revealing at first, but even knowing about band support could help us start narrowing down what Sony intends to do with these guys.


Via: Xperia Blog

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