Smartphone progress follows a general trickle-down effect: what was once top-shelf hardware finds itself popping up on more affordable devices as newer, higher-specced components emerge to outfit future flagships. But this year at MWC Sony doesn’t have a new flagship model, and the new smartphone it’s brought to show off is instead a mid-range handset, the Xperia M4 Aqua. Can it hold a candle to the six-month-old Xperia Z3? We took a look at both models at MWC 2015 to see how they compared.

In an impressive number of ways, the M4 Aqua compares quite favorably to the Z3. It sure looks a hell of a lot like the flagship model, with its 5-inch screen just a smidge smaller than the Z3’s 5.2-incher, though at 720p, the M4’s resolution takes a bit of a hit. Performance is another area where the M4 Aqua finds itself making sacrifices, and though armed by Sony with a very capable Snapdragon 615, it’s no 801 like the Z3 gets.

There are points where the M4 Aqua shines, like its improved waterproofing tech, reducing reliance on port covers. And if you’re on a budget, it’s easily the much more affordable option. Watch on to see the rest of our comparison:

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