Sony’s new Xperia M2 is the more compact of the models it introduced at the MWC this morning. With a qHD display and Snapdragon 400 SoC, it’s a few steps removed from a top-shelf smartphone, but certain specs like its eight-megapixel camera help elevate it a little above the chaff. We’ve already shown you how the M2 compares to the Z2, as well as given you a hands-on of the phone itself, and now we switch gears and see how it measures-up to some of its competition, putting it against HTC’s One Mini.

Sure, the One Mini has a much smaller and higher-res display than the M2 (really, the original One might have been a more direct comparison, size-wise), but that Snapdragon 400 tells us that we’re in the right wheelhouse. Will the One Mini, with its SoC running 200MHz higher than the Xperia M2’s, be slightly more fluid? Or will the M2’s lower resolution balance that out? Come along with us as we look at both Androids and see how they fare for yourself:

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