Sony Xperia M Ultra rumored to be coming soon with 23 and 16MP cameras

The mobile world is still divided as to whether or not Sony dropped the ball by axing the Xperia Z family and replacing it with the Xperia X roster, but while we wait for the top-shelf X Performance to actually start selling, we might get an extra robust pair of Android mid-rangers from the Japanese OEM.

These are mid-rangers by Samsung-redefined 2016 standards, mind you, and in certain ways, the Xperia C6 Ultra and M Ultra could even eclipse the Galaxy A9, A9 Pro, and looming Galaxy C7. Namely, as far as camera performance and battery capacity go, with a Chinese tipster claiming the Sony Xperia M Ultra will haul crazy capable 23 and 16 megapixel snappers, whereas a massive 4,280 mAh cell should be in charge of keeping the lights on.

Hold on a minute, the X Performance “barely” features 23 and 13MP cams, with a skimpy 2,700 mAh battery under the hood, so exactly how is this rumored M Ultra a mid-ranger again? Well, it does only pack a Snapdragon 652 processor, coupled with the same 3GB RAM as the X Performance, and it sports a 6-inch Full HD display whose resulting ppi count isn’t quite the world’s greatest.

On the bright side, the “non-flagship” is also said to recognize fingerprints for fast and secure authentication, moving towards the new USB Type-C standard in the connectivity department. Bottom line, this bad boy sounds mind-blowing, and not just for selfie addicts, though we’re a little concerned it could end up costing an arm and a leg. If all the above is legit, of course, which is far from guaranteed right now.

Source: Weibo
Via: GSMArena

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