Sony officially flips Marshmallow switch for mid-end Xperia C4 phone

Please tell us you took Best Buy up on its Xperia C4 clearance offer last week. Yes, the phone is old, and its manufacturer still has trouble making money in the mobile arena, consequently killing off several mid-range product portfolios, most likely including the C line.

But at $150, the 5.5-inch selfie expert was quite the bargain, and to better get that point across, Sony is now sending over-the-air Android 6.0 Marshmallow goodies to E5303, E5306, E5333 and E5343 models around the world.

That leaves E5353 and E5363 configurations hanging for the time being, although each and every Sony Xperia C4 owner should be able to wash the bitter, old taste of Lollipop and take a big bite of delicious Marshmallows in a few weeks tops.

As always, you’re advised to back up all your data before installing a new OS (just in case), free up sufficient storage space (1, perhaps 1.5GB, to be safe), and only download the official update on a strong Wi-Fi connection.

And yes, we know Nougat feels like the flavor of the day, but let’s take it one step at a time. It’s of course possible the 2015-released, MT6752-powered Sony Xperia C4 will never switch to build 7.0, which kind of makes the 6.0 UI modernization effort even more notable.

Source: Xperia Blog

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