Sony shows off what Android Marshmallow on Xperias is all about (video)

In addition to working diligently and simultaneously on Android 6.0 updates for a bunch of new and old Xperia devices, Sony took its sweet time to start rolling out Marshmallows in order to make them feel special and personal.

Thankfully, there doesn’t seem to be too much bloat tacked on stock M features like granular app permissions, Doze Mode battery life enhancements, Google Now on Tap cards and so on and so forth.

That’s at least what we understand from a 60-second clip uploaded to Sony Xperia’s official YouTube account, shining a spotlight on a few proprietary Android Marshmallow tweaks, then simply listing all the others to highlight the sheer size and significance of the update.

As always, Sony takes great liberties with the platform’s native camera interface, letting its users adjust their shots in real-time, switch shooting modes with a simple swipe, and share everything more easily than before, this time by relying on a fundamental ingredient of the 6.0 goodie pack.

You’re also looking at lots of new stickers packs (you know, if you’re five), and effortless text editing, once again courtesy of Google.

Technically, Sony never confirmed the recently reported Xperia Z5, Z5 Premium, Z5 Compact, Z3+, and Z4 Tablet upgrades, and this short video demo doesn’t name any device names either. But we know full well where Marshmallow is headed.

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