Sony threw fans of custom ROMs a bone when it first started offering its bootloader unlock service, but the company made clear from the get-go that if this was a road you wanted to head down, you were on your own. That meant no more access to software updates, and no official way to go back to Sony’s stock ROM. Well, if after all your experimentation you’ve decided that it might be nice to spend some time running Sony’s software again, you’re finally in luck, as the company has just a beta of a new flash tool that can restore your unlocked phone to stock.

For now, hardware support is pretty limited, and the tool only works with the Xperia S, arc, and arc S, but that list should be growing over the next few months.

Sony’s tool leaves your bootloader unlocked and won’t magically restore your warranty. Still, it gives users with unlocked phones access to more software choices than they had before, and for that, this sounds like a great move on Sony’s part.

Source: Sony
Via: Engadget

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