Every year we seem to be getting more and more smartphones with great cameras. Some of these devices come with no less than two camera sensors, others have included up to five cameras in their flagship devices, or at least that’s what we expect. It makes us wonder, just how many cameras do you really need in a phone? We thought that Sony’s 60MP IMX686 image sensor was going to be found in almost every flagship in 2020, but that was before Samsung’s 108MP sensor and recent information.

This year, Sony presented a new 60MP camera sensor that seemed terrific. It comes in the Redmi K30, and we expected to see it in many other flagship devices in 2020. Unfortunately, too many cameras in too many smartphones are making it difficult for Sony to keep up with the demand. The latest report from Bloomberg says that Sony has a hard time keeping up with demand, even though they doubled the budget to produce camera sensors. Sony’s head of semiconductor units has said that “they are having to apologize to customers because they can’t make enough camera sensors.” Maybe your future smartphone will include Sony’s IMX686 image sensor in the primary camera, but telephoto, wide-angle, and more cameras may come from other sources.

Source: Android Central

Via: Bloomberg

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