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Charge your phone via NFC; Sony just patented phone-to-phone wireless charging

By Anton D. Nagy March 17, 2017, 12:35 am

Wireless charging is nothing new, even if some companies are still playing the waiting game; NFC is nothing new either (same comment as before). However, Sony just applied for a patent which will allow you to top up your battery by using power from another phone, via NFC.

This phone-to-phone wireless charging method would allow someone to jump start a smartphone from another smartphone. Another scenario would enable users to connect to both WiFi and power when entering a room. The methodology isn’t described in detail in Sony’s application and the current state of technology doesn’t allow real-life applications for this at the moment; NFC is a short-range, low-power solution for data transfer, and it would require a lot more juice to power/charge another device. Still, it’s exciting to look forward into a not-so-distant future where this would be possible. What do you think?

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