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Sony patent reveals you might be able to put and scan real-world objects in VR

By Roland Udvarlaki January 10, 2022, 12:00 pm
Sony PlayStation VR featured Source: Sony

Sony confirmed the second generation of PlayStation VR2 at CES last week, and the new virtual reality headset is said to improve a lot of improvements. Sony didn’t show any real images or renders of the actual product, and it’s keeping it under wraps for the time being. Sony did confirm a few important information, and a new patent reveals that it could potentially let users put and scan real-world objects in VR.

Sony patented a 3D scanner (via GameRant) that could put real-world objects into VR. The company filed it in June 2021, and the patent office just asked Sony to re-submit some of the paperwork with more details to accept and verify the patent.


The patent in its current form doesn’t give us many clues, but it’s clear that the technology would allow real-world objects to be scanned and put into virtual reality. There are a few use case scenarios, but nothing’s clear just yet, given the little information. It’s also still not clear if the patent will be granted on time for the PS VR2’s arrival, and since it’s a patent, there’s a likelihood we may never see this feature come to the platform.

However, the Metaverse keeps gaining popularity with tens of billions of dollars spent on development by a growing number of companies globally. The patented idea appears to be a genuine use case where it could come in handy. We don’t know much about the new VR headset, but we know that there will be haptic feedback, eye and head tracking, two 4K display, HDR support, and up to 120Hz refresh rates, offering a 110-degrees field of view. We have no information on when the PS VR2 headset is going to be available or whether it’ll launch with the newly revealed patented idea.


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