Sony rolls back CEO’s comments on selling mobile division

Sony has a turnaround plan for its mobile division. And sure, it’s been playing the speed game with the phones, it’s pushed the envelope this season and while it has reduced consumers’ options for buying its products, Sony is still trying. Any word of its demise is greatly exaggerated. Of course, there has to have been enough of that word to go around in order for a representative to respond to them. Boy, that is an understatement.

The story begins with Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai addressing a scrum of reporters on the state of the company’s overall turnaround after a stretch of annual losses. But the sorest laggard in the company remains the mobile unit, which Hirai has considered “alternative options” for. A spokesman tempered that remark by saying that the company had “no plans to withdraw from the mobile business.”

Tack on a new, lengthier official statement from Sony.

The lede flat-out states that Sony has no plans to sell its mobile services. The text goes on to say that “consideration of profitability and market conditions for the control of risk is very important.” Going further, the statement implies that the mobile unit is considered to need high risk management. Sony expects, though, that its turnaround of the mobile service will be done by end of FY15.

Interestingly, the company’s banking on its mobile display product to sell its phones (see Xperia Z5 Premium). That, in turn, entices consumers to view “entertainment content,” verticals and horizontals that Sony has tremendous hold of and will use to the Xperias’ advantage.

Keep in mind that we’ve seen Sony content pushes before, as seen in our Sony Xperia Z2 review. We’re not sure how Sony can stake an edge with the content moving forward, but hey! Turnaround, right?

Source: Sohu (Google Translate)
Via: G For Games

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