Android fan? Windows Phone advocate? Right now it doesn’t matter which camp you fall into, as we’ve got something for both you guys. Check out the image above – just a bunch of phones lounging around on some tables, right? Sure, but at least a couple of these guys are pretty noteworthy, as unless our eyes deceive us, there are some unknown Nokia and Sony models up there.

As should be clear from that HTC One right next to it, that is one big honking Nokia. Supposedly, it’s a Lumia 1030, but no mention is made of possible specs.

In the foreground we have another very large device, a Sony handset that might just be that 6.4-inch Togari we’ve been talking about lately.

Now for the big question: is any of this legit? Two still-under-wraps devices from two different manufacturers running two different platforms, both showing up together like this, being photographed, and that image finding its way public – it’s a lot we’re expected to accept.

More than that, this just looks… weird. We don’t see any glaring signs of image manipulation, but the Sony phablet almost seems too tall for its width, and isn’t it convenient that the one Windows Phone device is one of the few that’s powered on, just to show us that extra column of tiles? Until some better imagery surfaces, we’re highly suspicious.

Update: As some of you have noted, that “HTC One” looks a little small – at least compared to that GS4 Note 2 to its side. Combined with the grilles looking a little off – could this be the M4 aka One Mini, instead? Or is this just entirely too many unreleased models in one place, further making this seem like trickery?

Source: Nokia Day (Google Translate)
Via: WPCentral

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