Sony Mobile planning on cutting 200 jobs in Lund, Sweden

It is safe to say that HTC is not the only company that’s struggling, though we wish it would not be the case. Sony Mobile‘s performance wasn’t impressive at all over the past years. Whether that’s the products themselves, lack of marketing, or ineffective strategies, the truth still remains that there are consequences to poor performance. One of these consequences will hit Sony Mobile’s operations in Lund, Sweden.

There were several local reports on the matter, but it seems that we are now sadly getting confirmation from several places. Sony Mobile is planning on cutting 200 jobs out of the total 800 that are working in Lund (1,200 complete with consultants).

It is clear that Lund will be affected by cost savings. But how it goes and what kind of costs it will be about, we cannot say yet, because the work is still underway to look at all cost components. We have announced 200 services. I see it as being at risk of being dismissed, but hope it will be fewer. The goal is for everything to be negotiated and that individual individuals are informed until March 2019 – Stefan Olsson, Deputy Chairman of Sony’s Lund operations.

While there’s always hope for things to turn positive, the outlook is not optimistic for those working in Sony Mobile’s Lund headquarters. The company will continue to cut down costs in order to limit losses as much as possible, but we’d definitely prefer seeing Sony perform at its best.

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