Sony Mobile had another weak quarter, selling just 5 million Xperias over the holidays

At some point you have to wonder whether a giant of Sony’s caliber, with major engagement in lucrative businesses like consoles and video games, motion pictures and television production, home entertainment or music recording, wouldn’t just be better off throwing in the smartphone towel.

After several unprofitable quarters in a row, the Japanese corporation’s Mobile Communications (MC) division has reached the point where it barely generates 5 million unit sales during the holidays.

That’s how many Xperias were shipped worldwide between October and December 2016, believe it or not, down from an already trivial 7.6 mil total the previous year. All in all, Sony Mobile racked up around 15 million unit sales during the full calendar 2016, compared to nearly 30M in 2015.

Of course, that’s partly due to “downsizing measures implemented during the previous fiscal year”, which doesn’t explain however why operating revenue and income both declined year-on-year in the third fiscal quarter ended December 31 2016 for the MC segment.

While sales slipped a predictable 35.3 percent, from 384.5 to 248.6 billion yen, operating income also dropped from 24.1 to 21.2 billion yen ($183 million). But hey, at least the Xperia XZ & co. didn’t lose money this time around.

Sony’s pictures and components departments did, with game & network services posting the largest profit on thriving PS4 software sales and a robust PlayStation VR commercial debut. Still not enough for company growth, with overall quarterly sales and operating revenue down 7.1 percent year-on-year, while operating income decreased 109.8 billion yen to 92.4 billion yen (796 million US dollars).

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