Sony’s Marshmallow Concept program will apparently continue a while longer

Technically, none of the 14 Xperia devices Sony promised to bring to Android 6.0 eventually has been properly and officially updated yet. But if you own a Z3 or Z3 Compact, and don’t cringe at the thought of unpolished, experimental software, chances are Marshmallow holds no secrets from you.

As part of a “Concept” trial, the Japanese hardware manufacturer so enamored with UI skins before allowed a limited batch of beta testers to get early insight into a surprisingly close to stock 6.0 user experience.

Although Marshmallow source code was published by Google more than two months ago, this test run will carry on beyond the initially set deadline, as Sony devs reckon “it would be a pity to end it already”, seeing as how it’s “going in a good way.”

No new cutoff date has been announced, but unless the plan is to publicly assess every small maintenance update ahead of a wide rollout, we’re guessing the tinkerer-friendly initiative will be retired once the Z3 and Z3 Compact finally receive their 100 percent stable, fully polished OTA M goodies.

Bottom line, it’s sure nice to see Marshmallow concepts extended from a certain standpoint, but at the same time, this suggests the masses probably won’t score their highly anticipated software care packages very soon. Come on, Sony, don’t let spring catch you on Lollipop still.

On the bright side, guess what OS iteration “Insiders” are on starting yesterday. That’s right, emoji-loaded Android 6.0.1. Huzzah!

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