One of Sony’s late 2017 flagship phones is in testing with Android 8.0 and Full HD screen

It’s really no big secret that Sony still plans to release two more flagship phones by the end of the year, presumably after announcing them at IFA Berlin in early September as direct sequels to last fall’s Xperia XZ, which was already spun off into the XZ Premium and XZs this February.

But until today, we literally had no idea what to expect or even what to look for online. Apparently, one of these next-gen hero devices carries model numbers G8341 and G8342 for single and dual SIM SKUs respectively, making it a lot easier to discover revealing pre-launch benchmarks or various regulatory documents down the line.

Already, user-agent profiles seem to confirm the relatively humdrum Full HD screen resolution of the mysterious G83xx product, as well as early testing of Android 8.0 software that suggests a very pleasant possible surprise at launch.

It’s worth pointing out that the original Sony Xperia XZ, aka F833x, also sported 1920 x 1080 pixels on a 5.2-inch IPS LCD panel, with the exact same display size and resolution carried over to the XZs (G823x).

Meanwhile, the state-of-the-art Xperia XZ Premium (G814x) doesn’t mess around, leaping straight into 4K territory at 3840 x 2160 pixels to support HDR video playback. Bottom line, it sounds like this G8341/G8342 may not be a full-blown Galaxy Note 8 or iPhone 8 contender. Perhaps the other one.

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